Celebrity Big Brother sparks debate

As employers will no doubt be aware comments by certain celebrity Big Brother housemates have recently made news all around the World. The story raised serious issues as to the nature of racist comments. An Employer should always remember that it can be held vicariously liable for the discriminatory actions of employees, even where those actions […]

Challenge to Default Retirement Age Suffers Setback

The legal challenge taken to the European Court of Justice by the interest group for older workers, Heyday, against the procedures contained in the new laws on Age Discrimination which allow employers to lawfully require employees to retire at 65 has suffered a significant setback. Advocate General Jan Mazak has today delivered his opinion on […]

Schoolgirl looses veil case

A 12 year old school girl has failed in an attempt to legal challenge to her school’s ban on a full face veil. The school, in Buckinhamshire, had informed the girl that it was unacceptable for her to wear a niqab as the school believed it would make communication and learning difficult. The Judge rejected […]